Teo Huey Ling (1974, Singapore)


Teo is a part-time lecturer at NAFA and adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic Design School.

She graduated with high distinction in both ceramics and drawings from the National Art School in Australia in 2006. Her drawings, contemporary sculptures & art installations are technique-driven, which involve intricate and laborious art processes. “My works strive on the notions of ambiguities that shift the forms of repeated biomorphic shapes; it is a deliberate attempt to portray an amorphous state of being through visual storytelling”.

The ‘In-between Amorphous’ ….wood sculpture series started in 2017 and slowly transformed into the Amorphous series 2019 and beyond. Being amorphous is a state of mind where resolution is not explicit; just like the many complexities in life that are neither white nor black but replete with grey.

The ‘Amorphous’ is an infinity form series; a gentle process of understanding and mastering the material that is not overpowering but allows the material to work itself out, resulting in an ambiguous shape while giving a new narrative in the present art form.