....alas, (not) the Canterbury Squire, but the arcuate fasciculus


SQRLO is a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography and prose. He has a background in Neuroscience, but draws references from way beyond. His current investigation is on the ‘photo reconciliation’ of words and visual imagery.

SQRLO has been a supporter, critique and contributor to the Visual Arts for over two decades. He utilizes photographic imagery and the written word to explore novel concepts.

He has published prose in local publications, including Ceriph, Singapore Writer's Festival, as well as other online platforms.


Working in Neuroscience, he is intrigued by human visual and literal processing. His current projects traverse the border zone of mind, brain and neuroaesthetics.


Our Earth - Gallery 3

"There is  never ever a possibility everything everywhere is happening at the same time

because the Earth is sensed only by me by many me to be sensible"   SQRLO