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Sunjin Galleries is relaunching as an online portal, celebrating our first show by collaborating with Thurrock Festival Digital London 2020, a virtual platform on 19 September 2020.

Our inaugural digital exhibition "OUR EARTH", honors the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by presenting a group of three Singapore photographers, Mr. Nicholas Leong, Dr. Patricia Yih and SQRLO

A Singapore based contemporary art gallery, we have represented talented and sought after artists in the region.

We received many accolades, and our most memorable one was when we were awarded "Top 10 most influential galleries" at the 11th Beijing International Art Exhibition in 2008 by The Ministry of Culture from China.


A Photographic Exhibition

Curated by Sunjin Galleries for Thurrock Festival Digital 2020, London

Works by Mr. Nicholas Leong, Dr. Patricia Yih and SQRLO

marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

19 September 2020 - 19 October 2020

Our beautiful planet and habitat to all living creatures is our shared resource. No matter which part of the world we live in, we need to treat it with understanding and wisdom. Pollution, climate change, environmental damage is not limited to nations. What happens in one part of the world impacts on the rest of us.


The three artists we are presenting at Thurrock Festival Digital 2020 have responded to the environment with their voices. Their works are dissimilar in both subjects and temperament. 

Mr. Nicholas Leong's work is a little quirky because the project it covers is itself unconventional, taken in Kenya, a country where the photographic subjects are the Savannah and its charismatic megafauna. Leong set up the pioneering Kenyan Riders to address the lack of African cyclists in the Tour de France.

For her first exhibition, Dr. Patricia Yih, an anesthesiologist by training, uses the medium as a form of inner artistic expression.  In this exhibition, she approaches nature with the contemplation of a portraitist. 

A multidisciplinary artist and with a background in Neuroscience, SQRLO works with photography and prose.

His works are monochromatic, ethereal and luxuriously enchanting.

Our Artists

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Nicholas Leong


Nicholas Leong is a Singapore-based commercial photographer, with clients all over the world. Starting out as a fashion and editorial photographer, he moved on to corporate, industrial, and, hotel photography. 


A life-long fan of the Tour de France, he often wondered why he never saw Africans in the professional peloton. In 2006, unwilling to wait for someone else to do it, he purchased a ticket to Kenya to find out for himself if Kenyans could be world-class cyclists. In 2009, he co-founded the professional cycling team, Kenyan Riders. He quit his job in 2011 to manage the project and the team full-time.

Until the COVID-19 shut-down, he was the full-time general manager of the Kenyan Riders and photographer of the project. 

In managing a team of African cyclists who are pioneers in the world of professional cycling, Nicholas has witnessed the many visible and invisible barriers they face. He hopes that the Thurrock Festival can be an avenue to expose more people to make this sport more inclusive.

Dr. Patricia Yih


An anesthesiologist by training, Dr. Patricia Yih has attended photography courses by Michigan State University as well as worked with professional photographers on her travels abroad and in Singapore.

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SQRLO is a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography and prose. He has a background in Neuroscience, but draws references from way beyond. His current investigation is on the ‘photo reconciliation’ of words and visual imagery.