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Nicholas Leong was a Singapore-based commercial photographer, with clients all over the world. Starting as a fashion and editorial photographer, he moved on to corporate, industrial and finally, hotel photography. 


A life-long fan of the Tour de France, he often wondered why he never saw Africans in the professional peloton. In 2006, unwilling to wait for someone else to do it, he purchased a ticket to Kenya to find out for himself if Kenyans could be world-class cyclists. In 2009, he co-founded the professional cycling team, Kenyan Riders. He quit his job in 2011 to manage the project and the team full-time.

Until the COVID-19 shut-down, he was the full-time general manager of the Kenyan Riders and photographer of the project. 

In managing a team of African cyclists who are pioneers in the world of professional cycling, Nicholas has witnessed the many visible and invisible barriers they face. He hopes that the Thurrock Festival can be an avenue to expose more people to make this sport more inclusive.

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Our Earth - Gallery 1

Turbo Trainer Session
The 6am Run
The Taper
Salim Kipkemboi
The Kenyan Riders
Sunday Races
Motor Pacing in the Valley
The Bicycle
The Cargo Bike
Training Session in Tanzania
The Tour of Rwanda
Masaai on a Bike
The Bicycle Taxi
Lake Turkana
Turkana Boys
A Slow Day in the Village
African Racing
After the Ride

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just a perfect day

You made me forget myself...

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